Forest Jungle Style Aquascape

Need to trim it soon. Aquascape jungle style describes the wild nature and landscape plants in order to make the atmosphere uncontrolled wild emanated from this style.

Simonsaquascapeblog Favourites Scape By Juan Puchades A

Inspired by the iaplc contest.

Forest jungle style aquascape. The key to this aquascaping style is the wild lush uncontrolled appearance. From all aquascaping styles this is the less intensive one in terms of maintenance. This aquarium style tries to emulate some sort of jungle like the amazon for example.

I approached this commission for pfk with trepidation. The jungle aquascaping style is considered to be a combination of dutch and nature aquascaping style. With its large leaved plants little or no visible décor.

Incorporating traits such as dense plant life and unique focal points the defining characteristic of a jungle aquascape is its presentation. Moss has grown in a lot in the forest aquarium. I may be wrong but it is my personal opinion that those are not true jungles and that they fall more to the nature aquarium category.

Just as the name of the style says it the jungle style aquarium depicts the wild uncontrolled appearance of an untamed setting. Lately there s been a trend of jungle styles that are more planned organised and with more heavy use of hardscape. Welcome to my aquascape a nature aquarium.

The jungle style aquarium characteristics. In this style plants fight for light and nutrients. The style of this one requires pruning plants everyday.

This type of aquarium does not require everyday plant trimming. A wide aquarium tank lit from above and densely planted with many plants of varying leaf shapes and growing in a tangle. The plant is left to form the look of natural rather than artificial like.

The plants are actually left to assume a natural look rather than a contrived one. The purpose of a jungle style aquascape is to depict a chaotic boundless and wild ecosystem. Over time vegetation becomes very dense and once the tank achieves a certain level of balance less and less maintenance is needed.

For an aquascaper more comfortable with nature aquariums and their hardscape dominated designs clean lines and fine textures a jungle style is practically the polar opposite. What makes aquascape paludarium jungle style look alive is the plants and moss so something that s really common with the forest or jungle theme aquascape is a really good sense of death so to create that we re gonna have these larger thicker pieces in the front and then smaller thinner pieces towards the rear of the aquarium that s gonna really help that illusion of a force that we re kind of like looking down and getting a good sense of depth in this is the part that takes the. Possibly the easiest aquascaping type to replicate the jungle style aquarium represents a real challenge to the inexperienced aquarist.

I hope this serves as a good tutorial for anyone who interested in setting up there own unique planted aquarium. I m loving this new forest style aquarium sooo much. Thinking about aquascaping out new 55 gal.

Soon i will add more bucephalandra plants.

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